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Zhengzhou YUEDA-TECH Holds Groundbreaking Ceremony for Factory in Xinmi, Signaling Investment in Local Economic Development

May 09, 2023
May 9, 2023 is a day worth commemorating. On this day, Zhengzhou YUEDA-TECH held a groundbreaking ceremony for its factory in Xinmi. Local leaders, village committee officials, construction teams, and Yuanda employees gathered to witness this historic moment.
During the ceremony, local leaders delivered speeches, expressing their belief that Yuanda's investment in Xinmi will bring great impetus to local economic development. They also hoped that Yuanda's development in Xinmi would better integrate into local society and culture, bringing more benefits to local residents.
Subsequently, Mr. He, the chairman of the company, also delivered a speech. He stated that the construction of the Yuanda factory in Xinmi is an important step in the company's development strategy. In the future, Yuanda will increase investment in Xinmi, strengthen research and development efforts, and provide customers with better quality products and services. He also expressed gratitude to the local government and society for their support and assistance.
After the groundbreaking ceremony, everyone gathered for a celebratory meal, discussing the construction of the factory and future development, filled with expectations and confidence for the future.
The construction of Yuanda's factory in Xinmi will make an important contribution to local economic development and social progress. It is believed that with Yuanda's efforts, the future of Xinmi will be even brighter.
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